Sunday, March 2

a side order of Blue, Pig.

it seems only reasonable that i begin my quest here with a reference to my all time favorite pig. if you have ever spent any serious time in the east village you will/(should) recognize this building.

it is just about as pink as my photograph would have you believe. i'm not sure when it was painted (there is a dinosaur version as well - endearing, but not quite as endearing as our friend pig, here). it is responsible for making me smile on many occasions when i lived in new york. i would walk out of my way just to pass this pig because it's pink brilliance and character never failed to lift my spirits, even on the coldest or most sleep deprived of days.

and don't even get me started on the pink pig/blue sky contrast, heavenly.

and most recently it is responsible for being an inspiration to my dearest friend in the whole world who has just formed a genius musical group with her brother and another friend. their name is:
Blue, Pig.
[see:::disco pigs "what is the color of love, Runt?" "Blue, Pig.")
(little bit country, little bit folk, little bit rock n roll, there's piano, organ, harmonica, guitar, & things of that nature involved, not to mention the unrivaled voice of Katie Quigley)

that's enough pig for one evening.


Blogger katie said...

my love is your love, love

9:49 PM  

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