Saturday, May 31


i got home on friday afternoon and immediately:
1.) put my purse down.
2.) gave my cat a kiss on the nose.
3.) grabbed my cigarettes & my polaroid camera.
4.) with determination like i haven't felt in while, marched down the street in search:

100% organic
(sticker & ribbons found on an I-5 overpass)

my cat, Alaska.
(staring out her favorite open window)
the Egan house.
(white & shaped like a triangle)
(hidden by the trees on Lakeview Drive)
(usually enveloped in shadows, i accidentally chose the perfect time of day to shoot it)

composition with space needle in the distance
(looking particularly small)

thank goodness for color film
(my window sill)


Friday, May 30

a polaroid a day, keeps the doctor away

SX70 love:

new york backyard

rush hour sears tower


studio window at night

my beloved power lines

north dakota blue (ode to katie)

spring-shine ny

east 13th street

more to come shortly.
my day has been a bit too long to upload any further...