Wednesday, December 3

t-minus one day, the final of the big thirty

"orcas pony"

"palm reading"

"scuba steve"

"clara bow"


"due west"

"pink elephant"

"the beach"

"this is how we speak"

"north dakota blue"


"raining words"

"when pigs fly"

"one day"

"mr. bigs"

"this is how we fall in love"





"peanut march"

"carnival pony"

So, the day has finally, er, nearly arrived. The Forgotten Works Challenge opens tomorrow at 5:00pm and I was able to attend the "sneak preview" this evening at the Tashiro Kaplan Building gallery space. There's so many pieces it's on the verge of over stimulation but it's hung and ready and looks great. The space is ample which will be good when there are too many bodies packed into it and my only regret? I didn't sign the front of my paintings. There are NO name tags or labels that discern one person's piece from another which is kind of a bummer, but alas, the show must go on and go on it will. I'll quit bitching about things I have no control over. It's a waste of energy and terribly unbecoming.
cheers & enjoy the show!

The Tashiro Kaplan Building
115 Prefontaine Place South
Seattle, WA (near Pioneer Square)
12/04/08 @ 5:00pm - 9:00pm



Blogger Crystalyn Kae said...

well, over a year later - I decided to look up your blog and was delighted to see (my) your 'Scuba Steve'. I purchased your painting at the Forgotten Works challenge and look forward to seeing more of your works. Steve greets me every morning in my sewing studio. Best to you!

11:27 PM  

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