Sunday, August 16

crab apple tree haus

as I'd suspected, I completely ignored this space since last November when I completed thirty paintings in thirty days for a (massive) group show in pioneer square.

I'm here, again. I do hope to stay. I am buying a new camera tomorrow. it's a HOLGA & I am currently *also* bidding on a flash attachment to accompany it. ebay is not always kind and I still have 19 hrs 41 min 20 sec remaining until the end of the bidding war. I am currently the "highest bidder," but I just know that someone will swoop in, while I am away from my computer, and out bid me on my Vivitar 2800.

I spent many hours drawing today with the words crab apple tree haus going through my head. I ended up with an apple made into a tree house. I'm not sure what happened to the crab.



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